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Head Start Family Child Care

Funded in July 1984, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this innovative program serves children of income eligible families. JCCDC's Head Start Family Child Care (FCC) Program originally served 100 children in a full-day care program with childcare being provided in family day care homes instead of the usual day care centers. In 1988, the award was increased to serve 125 children. In the fall of 1990, the program increased to serve 137 children. The JCCDC Head Start Family Child Care (FCC) program currently serves 240 children and their families. These full-day, full-year services are provided near parents' homes in a licensed family day care home where no more than 6 children are enrolled or in a licensed family daycare group home where 7-12 children are enrolled with 2 adults always in the home. This low adult-child ratio offers more individualized care, more opportunity for identification of children who have special needs or are victims of child abuse/neglect, provides nurturing life experiences for children in a home setting, allows parents to observe positive adult-child interaction, and provides training opportunities for a parent to become a self-employed family day care provider. Family or group home day care providers who contract with the JCCDC to provide Head Start educational services to eligible children are required as part of their contract to participate in regular training opportunities provided by JCCDC staff and/or training consultants. Workshops are held on topics such as family day care business management, use of space to promote play and learning, child growth and development, and educational guidelines for the Head Start program.

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